Friday, 30 May 2008

Wicked 28.05.2008

On 28.05.08 I, along with my friends:
  • Jenna
  • Jemma
  • Emma
  • Emily
  • Charlotte
went up to see Wicked in the Apollo Victoria Theatre.We've been counting down for months since we booked the tickets, and we weren't let down.
We all met at Rochester Train station at 11:00 and we're all ready to go, wearing our wicked themed coloured clothing of greens and pinks and blacks we were soon off!

We got to London Victoria at about 11:50. So we went out of the station and there it was WICKED right infront of us, proud with its green-ness!

We crossed the road and went inside to see who was playing who today. Unfortunately Kerry Ellis, who plays Elphaba wasn't there but Cassidy Janson gave us chills all the same!
Sarah Earnshaw played Glinda, she also was an understudy but just as crazy if not more, her performance was spectacular!
And Oliver Tompsett was playing Fiyero! We all jumped up and down when we saw it was him because we all love him. Haha

Then we went to wait at the stage door for the cast to come in, while we were waiting we ate our lunch on the floor!

Whilst there we met the Wizard, Glinda, Elphaba, Dr. Dillamond, and the Ensamble. We got all their autographs which are in my programme. But no Oliver Tompsett.
All of a sudden it was 2:00! Time to go into the Theatre!
We got into the green theatre and after quickly buying our Wicked t-shirts, we went off to find our seats in the stalls!
The show was amazing, making us laugh and cry and in Jemma's case: Hyperventilate! haha All too soon it was over! We were even tempted to buy another ticket for the evening show later on that day!

We made our way sadly out of the theatre, but thought we would try our luck once more and wait for Oli at the stage door.
Our luck was with us! He was there, we got him to sign our programmes, and got a photo with him and also hugged him! In the end he had to go and get his dinner, but he was glad that we enjoyed the show and we said that we were coming again!

This truly was the Best Day Ever!

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